The healthcare industry has undergone a rapid transformation in the way it operates. Technology is employed in every procedure that aids the doctors and allied healthcare professionals to do their jobs in an efficient and timely manner.

Electronic Health Records (EHR), the most phenomenal innovation of recent times, helps healthcare professionals manage patient history effectively and focus on providing quality care. It is being implemented across the world. In addition, practice management solutions that streamline the administrative and managerial tasks of a practice are also available.

However, there are still misconceptions in employing technology in healthcare management. Here are four common medical practice management myth-busters.

Myth #1: There Is No Doctor-Patient Relationship

Busted: It is a common belief that the introduction of technology solution can cause disconnect between the doctor and his/her patients, leading to an impersonal way of diagnosis and treatment.

On the contrary, a practice management solution provides doctors with information such as patient history and case information at their fingertips. Doctors can manage scheduling and other formalities on the go. This helps them save onboarding time and allows doctors to spend more time with the patient, improving the quality of care.

Myth #2: New Technology Requires Training

Busted: Most practice management solutions are designed with a user-friendly interface with simple yet powerful functionality. This ensures that doctors need not spend time learning the solution. That said, personalized user training can provide several tips for optimizing the functionality.

At Netpractice, we provide comprehensive demo and user training for our practice management solution. This helps our clients enhance the performance of the solution and improve productivity from the day of implementation.

Myth #3: Less Efficient Than Paper-Based Management System

Busted: Traditional management systems are paper-based and manual, and hence are prone to human errors. Technology-driven practice management solutions, on the other hand, eliminate human errors, reduce the use of paper and increase efficiency.

The overall workflow can be effortlessly managed with the elimination of paper-based management system. Reduced waiting time for patients, seamlessly maintained patient records and on-the-go access to patient records for doctors are only a few examples of how the solution can save time.

Myth #4: Data Is Not Secure

Busted: Data is the lifeline of every organization. In addition, in healthcare sector it is imperative to maintain strict patient confidentiality. Security of patient records and case histories is therefore of utmost importance.

Unlike traditional systems, technology-based practice management solutions reinforce security at multiple layers. Role-based access, network validation and stringent security protocols are employed to ensure robust security. Payment gateways are integrated with Security Certificates to allow safe transactions.

Integrating a practice management solution for your private medical practice is a smart decision leading to a smoother and streamlined workflow for enhanced quality of care. Learn how a practice management solution can make a difference for your practice.