About Us

Who We Are

Netpractice is a collaborative healthcare platform for all your practice management and medical billing needs. We offer comprehensive solutions that deliver unmatched value across the healthcare chain – individual healthcare providers, hospitals, IT companies and medical financing companies.

In our endeavor to facilitate healthcare professionals to offer quality care to their patients, we have offered our domain expertise to over 600 clients since our inception in 2012.

Our solution enables our clients and partners to enhance the efficiency of practice management and medical billing. Our aim is to enable healthcare providers to focus on their primary function of ensuring quality patient care, we offer a holistic solution that streamlines operations.

Some of the benefits we offer the primary stakeholders in healthcare industry are:

Stakeholders Netpractice Value Delivered
Healthcare Providers (Individuals & Hospitals) Medical Billing, Practice Management & EHRs
Pharmaceuticals Digitization of Medical Sales Representatives, Collaboration with Providers at Point of Care
Medical Finance Providers, Bureaus & IT Companies Medical Billing Platform, Annuity Revenues
Patients Wellness Tools, Apps & Patient Education

We also offer value-add in the form of add-ons that allow providers to seamlessly manage their practices.

Other Services

In addition to our integrated online solution, we have extended our services to include other aspects of healthcare practice. We offer to our clients customized billing services and asset finance consulting. Identify services offer on the features and programs best suited to benefit your practice.

Working Together Works

At Netpractice, we believe in synergy. We collaborate with IT companies and medical finance providers to work towards improving the efficiency of practice management and medical billing. Our partnerships therefore empower healthcare providers with the freedom to focus on patient care.

Learn how our partners benefit from our association.

What’s Our Story

Netpractice was born from a combination of expertise in IT and experience in setting up and operating successful medical practices. It is the brainchild of Mr. William Ditabo, an IT and software expert, whose talent and potential was recognized early on by Dr. Allan Soundy.

Mr. Ditabo’s adopted father sought his expertise for enhancing the efficiency of his medical practice. Mr. Ditabo’s solutions were highly effective in streamlining the operations of his practice.

The success of Mr. Ditabo’s solution attracted several doctors who adopted the solution in their own practices. The demand grew to the extent that Mr. Ditabo identified that there was big need for a dynamic online practice management solution. He envisioned an application that would enable doctors and healthcare practitioners to manage their own practices easily and effectively.

He set to work designing and programming an intuitive and simple practice management system that would streamline the task of billing, and make administrative tasks and coordinating with Medical Aids hassle-free. Thus Netpractice was born.

Since inception, Netpractice provides integrated online solution that reduces the managerial and administrative efforts of healthcare providers. Our solutions have delivered value to a wide client base – from individual providers to hospitals.

Vision & Mission


We envision becoming the leading provider of collaborative healthcare platform and solutions for the health industry, facilitating the ongoing shift towards quality patient care.


We focus on supporting our clients for proactive patient management solutions that are simplified, innovative and cost-effective.

Why Us?

Dynamic Cloud Solution

Netpractice ensures smooth management of financial and administrative tasks for healthcare providers and partners. Our solution guarantees:

  • A single-point for your practice management needs
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Improved cash flows
  • Reduced IT and software costs owing to cloud economics
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Access to real-time data from anywhere
  • Patient data confidentiality
  • Data accuracy
  • Optimal use of your time

Rich Domain Expertise

We bring a unique blend of IT skills, practice management expertise and finance specialists. This enables us to identify and overcome specific challenges swiftly and effectively.

Dedicated Team

A combination of ambitious youth and experienced veterans, our team has IT, finance and medical specialists, who work towards improving the efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Proven, Cost-Effective Solution

Our solution has helped numerous healthcare providers enhance their efficiency and improve patient care quality. In addition, our unique pay-as-you-go model ensures high ROI.

Uncompromised Data Security

Data security is of paramount importance to us. We employ industry best practices to ensure stringent security of critical information.