Paperless businesses and online practice management were until recently something we all saw as being part of some technological future. A future almost as out of reach as space travel and vacations on the moon. But there has been a revolution in the healthcare sector and online practice management is now an everyday reality, thanks to Netpractice’s innovative new system, which makes it possible for doctors all over South Africa to manage all their everyday paperwork online, simply and easily.

Slow internet speeds and lack of broadband are one of the issues that have made South African doctors unwilling to change from their old-fashioned PC-based software systems. But Netpractice makes is possible to access your files and medical records anywhere, any time, from your phone, laptop or pc. Even better, the system is simple and efficient enough not to chew through your bandwidth or data bundles

Netpractice is the first and only South African practice management business to develop a completely online system and is now reaping the rewards as forward-thinking doctors are realising that online is no longer just the future… online is the way to go now.

We are regularly sponsoring selected CPD events in around the country and have seen great interest in our systems from doctors attending these events. Contact us to find out which events we will be attending in your area soon. We’d love to meet you!