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Practice Management and its Administrative Burdens

Due to versatile demands of the pharmaceutical and health insurance companies, medical establishments of all scales are facing massive administrative pressure. It is also brings in constraints due to various levels of bureaucracy. Such situations deprive doctors of their job satisfaction of providing quality medical care, since they often have


5 Points to Consider before Choosing a Medical Billing Service Provider

The idea of outsourcing billing can spark a debate among most doctors and medical practitioners. They associate outsourcing with losing control over their proceedings, and lower quality of work due to loss of transparency and coordination between both the parties. However, this may be true in rare cases, only when


Technical Challenges of Practice Management Services

Practice Management Services clearly stand out as a boon for medical practices of every scale – from large hospitals to self-employed doctors with clinics, amidst a whirlwind of other technological advancements in healthcare. Practice management solutions eliminate the need for traditional paper documentation of medical records, appointment details and schedules,