Integrated Online Solution

Netpractice has all that you need for your medical billing and practice management in a single comprehensive system. Unlike traditional software packages, you do not need to sign up with second or third providers for Medical Aid processing and updates.

An integrated, easy-to-use interface processes all your patient billing, Medical Aid claims and verifications, making life simpler and keeping costs to a minimum.

Real-Time Updates

Netpractice offers a wholly online practice management solution, which does not require you to download software. Another great advantage of the system is that it offers real-time updates of latest Medical Aid rules and tariffs.

This keeps you abreast with all the changes, every time you log in. The system offers automatic free upgrades at regular intervals to address customer needs and industry changes.

Robust Technology

Our solution has been built on advanced Microsoft technologies. This not only means the system complies to international standards but you are guaranteed enhanced data accuracy, reliability, security and improved performance.

Pay-Per-Use Model

Netpractice is different to other medical billing and practice management systems in that it requires no initial purchase cost and levies no monthly subscription fee. You only pay for what you use, at reasonable rates per transaction.

This makes it ideal for individual practitioners and clinics that require affordable and flexible practice management support

Easy-to-Use Interface

Our interface is easy to use and navigate. Our services include initial free training sessions and ongoing support for our clients.

The system is so user friendly that 90% of our practitioners have not felt the need to utilize this service.

24/7 Access to Data

Our online system is Smartphone friendly.

Check patient records while you are on a home visit, validate Medical Aid information, or manage your operations from a coffee shop, at any time of the day, from any device, with just a click.

Assured Data Security

Our highly secure environment provides for robust data security. Our service is fully secured through secure protocol (https). We also use Security Certificates to protect our stakeholders and enable safe online transactions.

Daily backups of data ensure that your information is well protected and available all the time.

How Netpractice Compares

Netpractice revolutionizes practice management and medical billing services;


  • Procure infrastructure hardware
  • Procure software with additional monthly license fees
  • Sign up with switching provider
  • Sign up for Pricing and Medical Aid Rules
  • Ongoing IT cost for infrastructure maintenance
  • Maintain Data Backups
  • Source Accounting Service Provider
  • Multiple recurring costs


Netpractice is an integrated solution that supports your practice in its entirety with the following benefits :

  • Avoid hassles of coordinating with multiple providers
  • Integrated consulting solution
  • We Avail Accounting Services through our Partner Program
  • Customized solutions

Our Plans and Pricing

Netpractice Basic


per Claim

Production ready

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Netpractice Premium


per month

Production ready

  • Unlimited Claims

  • Electronic Remittances

  • Patient Validation

  • Free Device/Laptop of your choice

  • Free 2 GB per month

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Customized Billing Services

Production ready

  • Contact us for a customized proposal for your practice.

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Partners Program

Netpractice offers you the opportunity to increase your client base and revenue, while simultaneously managing data from multiple clients with our unique partnership model. Our dynamic cloud solution enables you to concentrate on your core functions, while we provide you with ongoing technical support. Learn more about our partner benefits.

Other Services

While you endeavor to offer your best, we strive to give you convenience for all other aspects of your business. In addition to the cloud-based solution, we also offer Outsourced Billing Services and Asset Finance Services, customized to meet your entire practice management requirements.

Visit our Other Services page to learn how we can streamline your operations for you.